Sign programme

Lloyd's of London


Lloyds of London is at the centre of the international insurance market. In 1986, Pentagram was commissioned to design the signs for their new headquarters. The programme also included a solid granite marker at the corner of Lime Street and a variety of direction, information, identification and statutory signs inside the complex. The marker was an elegant response to local council demands for a concrete crash barrier to protect what they perceived as a vulnerable building from heavy and out of control vehicles. Etched with the address and a compass rose to evoke Lloyd’s of London’s nautical past, the cornerstone functions more practically as a seat. Inside, Pentagram developed a sign system to complement the innovative architecture by Richard Rogers. Using a stencil alphabet by Le Corbusier, Pentagram’s system was precision engineered, with each letter and number laser cut out of aluminium panels then stove enamelled in primary colours. Following successful completion of the sign system, Pentagram was invited to carry out further commissions for Lloyd’s including a commemorative album for the opening of the building and a collective identity for the corporation.

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