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In 1967, Alan and Colin were invited to pitch for some branding and signage for the ‘new’ QE2.

So they could get a good feel for the qualities of the luxurious shipping line, they were invited to travel first class from Southampton to New York on the gracious but ageing QE1.  Naturally, wives were also invited but as Alan’s daughter, Raffaella, was on the point of starting school, to her eternal chagrin, Paola was obliged to forgo the pleasure...

Missing this trip, however, was mitigated when Alan and Paola, together with everyone else who had participated in the design and construction of the liner in one way or another, were invited to a swanky dinner on board the new QE2 prior to her maiden voyage in 1969. Hundreds arrived in Southampton for the event and Alan and his wife could explore all of the brand-new ship before enjoying champagne and cordon-bleu eating in the elegant dining room. They then danced the night away to the sound of the ship’s band. 

After this evening of epicurean feasting and energetic celebration, they retired to their cabin on the first-class deck for an excellent night’s rest – the ship tied securely to the dock-side. In the morning, they jumped on the train back to London…

140 x 405mm 

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